This much survival information...

condensed into this.

This isn't just a survival manual. This is an electronic LIBRARY that will help you SURVIVE, THRIVE, and REVIVE civilization! You can't possibly store all this information in your brain. You also can't carry all these books around with you. The internet and electrical grid will be down. In a world where society has collapsed, knowledge is your most valuable asset. Survival Sage will give you all the knowledge you'll need to survive when there's no rule of law.


This is THE LARGEST SURVIVAL LIBRARY available. If you find one larger, please contact us, but as far as we know, all others are much smaller. It is over 10,000 files, which amounts to around 1,200,000 pages--the equivalent of 6,000 full-sized books. This library of survival manuals, survival guides, survival ebooks, and files of all sorts that can help you and your loved ones in an end of the world as we know it scenario. Please visit the Contents Page to see what is in this library.


When you place your order, we will go to work putting together a custom survival library package for you on a micro sd card or on a flash drive. You can specify which categories of knowledge you desire the most and we will put it together for you and it will be delivered in less than 2 weeks.


Ideally, you'll want to couple this data with an electronic device of some sort that can read pdfs and a way to recharge your electronic device, like a foldable solar charger. That way, all 10,000+ files can be accessible to you for many years into the future and you can learn from the library as you go along.


It is also helpful for homesteaders or anyone who wants to have references for how to live in a more simple, agrarian manner as our ancestors did before us. Every household  in an extreme rural setting ought to have a copy of this library. In fact, every household ought to have this survival library as an insurance policy in case the worst should happen.

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