This is the LARGEST SURVIVAL LIBRARY or set of survival ebooks available. It contains over 10,000 files, most of which are pdfs. It amounts to about 1.2 million pages of survival information. That's the equivalent of 6,000 full-sized books. The survival library contains information for almost any situation in which you may find yourself after an emergency, natural disaster, or a total collapse of society. The basics of survival are covered, like food, water, shelter, and security, but it goes beyond that. It has lots of information that will help you thrive and revive civilization, such as irrigation, farming, raising animals, tool production, construction, trade, communication, electrician work, and mechanical work. The files are neatly divided into 70 different category folders, which are then further divided into 5 more folders, based on their source. The 5 different sources are: Regular, Military, Government, Third World Emphasis, and Vintage. To learn more about the contents, visit the Contents Page. If you would like us to create a survival library package and mail it to you, click on your preference below to learn more or purchase.

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