Our modern society rests upon a few crucial, yet precariously situated lifelines. We rely on electricity, oil, a trusted currency, the internet, a mutually understood sense of security, and above all, sunlight. If any one of these lifelines were removed it could result in a domino effect that would spiral society out of control. The government and the military would not be able maintain order. In case of the collapse of society, you will need to be prepared to survive without the trusted supply lines and availability of food, clean water, medical care, gasoline, electricity, natural gas, sewage, or any other products you will need. It will essentially be every man for himself, so security is not guaranteed either. In such a scenario, Survival Sage will teach you how to survive the collapse or disaster.


Knowledge will be your greatest strength. Most experts recommend a survival manual. Why stop there? It's best to have as much information at your disposal as possible. You might want an entire bookshelf of information with you, but it will be nearly impossible to bring all the books and articles with you if you need to relocate. Visiting libraries could be unsafe and they will likely be burned down or looted to use the books as fire fuel or toilet paper. The best solution is to digitize as much pertinent survival information as possible. This will make it compact, easier to store, and easier to bring with you anywhere. Having the information on discs to use on a PC or laptop would be OK, but if you don't have a reliable electrical source, you would want to use a device that uses the least amount of electricity and can be easily transported. This usually means using an eReader. These devices don't have a disc drive or a large internal memory, but they often have a microSD card slot. Putting your survival library on a microSD card and using an eReader like a Nook Simple Touch would be ideal. It is very light weight, so you can carry thousands or millions of pages of survival information with you wherever you go. In the case of Survival Sage, it will mean carrying 1.2 million pages of information. The Simple Touch eReader boasts a 2 month battery life, so it can go a long time on one charge and when it does need to be recharged, you can do it with a small foldable solar panel charger. Of course, tablets, smartphones, and laptops can work as well. The "Survival Sage" package will be so valuable, you might want to buy 2 of them and bury one in a faraday cage where you can find it later.


"I'm bugging out with my survival books."

"Me too."

Survival Sage provides you the service of preloading a microSD card or flash drive with over 10,000 thousand pdf documents that amount to about 1,200,000 pages of survival information. These documents can be anything from a 1 page diagram to a 30,000 page book. They come from a variety of sources like military manuals, FEMA, USGS, CDC, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, vintage books, and more. They are nicely arranged into 70 category folders with subjects like Water, Natural Disasters, Shelter, Agriculture, Fishing, Livestock/Poultry, Medical, etc. The information on this micro SD card is intended to do more than just help you survive in the wild. Should the worst happen and society completely collapses for decades, this survival library also contains the information you need to rebuild civilization. You will learn some lost skills like blacksmithing, building waterwheels, digging irrigation canals, brick making, and home remedies. A number of text books are included, so you will have the ability to homeschool your children. You will also have the information to learn more advanced subjects like engineering, electrician work, drafting, surveying, and mechanical work. With all this information, you can designate individuals in your survival community to be interim doctors, farmers, teachers, mechanics, architects, bankers, etc., until more proper training resumes once again. The Survival Sage microSD card is packed with 29.7 GB of data. If you want to add or remove files, you will be able to do that, so your survival library can fit your needs. Click here to see more information on the contents.

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