Smaller than the size of a dime, this little Micro SDHC card comes packed with 29.7GB of pdf files that can save your life. Over 10,000 files will be loaded onto the memory card, which amounts to about 1,200,000 pages, or the equivalent of 6,000 full-sized books. The files on this card are volumes, books, manuals, articles, brochures, diagrams, and more, that cover all the topics a person would need to survive in a world where society has collapsed. Survival Sage provides you the service of collecting these files from various sources, labeling, and categorizing them. There are 70 subject folders, which are often further divided into 5 subcategories: Regular, Military, Government, Third World Emphasis, and Vintage. Regular files are up to date information that zeros in on critical issues to survivalists and preppers. Military files are thorough, tried & true. Government files are authoritative and have official data. Third World Emphasis files are excellent for learning how to do things the cheap way, often without gas or electricity. Vintage files are very helpful because if society collapses, humans will need to relearn many of the forgotten skills that we knew 150 years ago. You will be able to add or delete any of the files you want when you receive your Extreme Survival Manual MicroSD card. You can also print out key documents, so you can have hard copies of the most important info. Below is a partial list of the files loaded onto the Micro SDHC Card or flash drive. Also, let us know what categories you are most interested in, so we can customize it for you.


“Basic Soil Improvement for Everyone”

"Intro to Greenhouse Gardening"

“Sampling and Harvesting”


“Biointensive Gardens”

“Wheat Pest Control”

“Compost Manure”

“The Ultimate Guide to Sprouting”

“Farmer and Horseman's Guide to Driving a Horse”

“Forage Crops”

(plus hundreds more)


Air Assault & Aviation

“Homeland Defense and Civil Support”

“Emergency Notification Signals”

“Mobility for Air Force Special Operations Command Forces”

“Attack Helicopter Operations”

“Rapid Runway Repair Operations”

“Guide to Fighting Positions, Obstacles, and Revetments”

“Manual Chinook Helicopter”

“Airplane Flying Handbook”

“Guide to Contingency Planning Mortuary Affairs Search and Recovery”

“Worldwide Aeromedicalevacuation Operations”

(plus dozens more)


Ammo & Explosives

“Guns, Ammunition, and Tackle”

“Making Your Own Bullets”

“Introduction to the Ammunition Field”

“Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition”

“Smokeless Powder and It's Influence on Gun construction”

“Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards”

“Ammunition Handbook Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Munitions Handlers”

“Small Caliber Ammunition”

“Ammunition Storage”

“Destroying Ammunition and Decontaminating Explosives”

(plus dozens more)



“Edible and Medicinal Plants”

“Herbal Formulas”


“Botany for Agriculture Students”

“Poisonous Plants”

“Oil Plant Processing”

“Traditional Medical Plants”

“Underexploited Tropical Plants with Promising Economic Value”

“Natural Plant Dyeing”

“Soap Pilot Plant”

(plus dozens more)


Bug Out Bag

"Bug Out Bag Checklist"

"Hurricane Survival Kit"

"Preparing Your Bug Out Bag"

“Disaster Supplies Kit”

“7 Day Survival Kit”

“100 Items for Long Term Survival”

“Kit Storage Locations”

“Maintain Your Kit”

“Travel Health Kits”

“Family Disaster Supplies Kit”

(plus more)



“Bible” KJV, NKJV, NIV,

“Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume1”

“The Didache”

“Abandonment to Divine Providence”

“The Imitation of Christ”

“The Normal Christian Life”

“The Pilgrim's Progress”

“Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret”


“Foxe's Book of Martyrs”

(plus dozens more)


Combat Skills & Missions

“Soldiers Handbook: Initial Entry Training”

“An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built Up Areas”

“Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys”

“US Marine Corps Close Combat”

“Army Research Institute Combat Leader's Guide”

“Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare”

“100 Deadliest Karate Moves”

“US Army Fire Fighting Operations”

“US Army Small Unit Night Fighter”

“USMC Martial Arts”

(plus dozens more)



“Communicate Safely WROL”

“Emergency Alert System Guide”

“National Emergency Communications Plan”

“Wilderness Communications”

“Do It Yourself Printing”

“How to Make Leaflets and Newspapers”

“Tactical Signal Communication Systems for Army, Corps”


“Rebuild The Internet Post Apocalypse”

“Preparing and Managing Correspondence”

(plus dozens more)



“Manual of Building Construction”

“Making Adobe Bricks”

“Building with Earth”

“Stone Walls in Mountainous Regions”

"The Log Cabin"

“Small Scale Cement Plants”

“Mill Building Construction”

“Small Boat Designs”

“Earth and Rock-Fill Dams”

“Simple Bridge Structures”

“Earthmovers, Tractors, Etc.”

(plus hundreds more)


Defense, Security, Law Enforcement

"Area Security"

“Outdoor Warning Systems Guide”

“Critical Infrastructure and key Resources”

“National Infrastructure Protection Plan”

“National Preparedness Guidelines”

“Law Enforcement Investigations”

“Army MP Tactics, Techniques, Procedures”

“Crime Scene Investigation”

“Physical Security”

“Civil Disturbance Operations”

(plus dozens more)



“Where There is No Dentist”

“Dental Specialist Course”

“Dental Hygiene”

"Toothache Remedy"

“Infection Control in Dental”

“Tooth Decay”

“Dental Anatomy and Physiology”

“Dental Materials”

“Preventative Dentistry”

“Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology”

(plus more)


Diseases & Viruses

“Water Related Diseases by Symptom, Illness, Location”

“Communicable Diseases and Field Sanitation”

“Hygiene Related Diseases”

“Chronic Diarrhea”


“Hepatitis A,B,C,E”


“Lyme Disease”



(plus hundreds more)


Drafting & Surveying

“US Army Topographic Surveying”

"Land Ownership, Boundaries, and Surveying"

"US Land Survey System"

“Draft Pactice and Theory”

“US Navy Blueprint Reading, Sketching”

“Draftsman Equipment”

“Draftsman Execution Practices”

“Draftsman Presentation, Graphics”

“Surveying III (Topographic and Geodetic Surveys)”

“Cartography I-III, VII-IX”

(plus more)


Eastern Civilization

“The Vedas”

“The Upanishads”

“The Analects”

“Tao Te Ching”

“The Art of War”


“Bhagavad Gita”

“The Tale of Genji”

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms”

“The Journey to the West”

(plus more)


Economics & Trade

“Barter Items After Sh*t Hits the Fan”

"Testing Gold, Silver, Platinum"

“Cooperative Accounting”

“Adding Value by Apprenticeships”

“Single Entry Bookkeeping”

“Emergency Management for Business and Industry”

“Farm Business”

“Improve Your Business Handbook”

“Integrating Business into Vocational Training”

“Facilitating Regional Trade of Agricultural Commodities”

(plus dozens more)



“Mathematical Conversions”

“Third World School Buildings”

“English Literature: a Text Book”

“World History”

“Dictionary of Spoken Spanish”

“Farm Science”


“Basic Math and Algebra”

“Chemistry Vol 1 and 2”

“Classical Physics”

(plus hundreds more)


Electrical & Electronics

“Electronics Technician”

"Battery Storage in Solar Panel Systems"

“Village Electrification”

“Military Lance Line Telegraph Construction”

“Electrical Soldering”

“Electronics Basic Schematic Interpretation”

“Intro to Cells and Batteries”

“Electrical Power Generating Equipment”

“Electroplating for the Amateur”

“Electrical DC AC Formula Data”

(plus hundreds more)



“Ideas for Post-Apocalyptic Energy in Your Bug Out Location”

“Renewable and Small Scale Energy”

“Low Cost Small Water Power Sites”

“Rural Electricity”

“Biodiesel from Algae”

“Water Wheels”

“Pedal Generator”

“How to Make Windmills and Wind Motors”

“Wood Gasifier Technology”

“Solar Photovoltaic Energy”

(plus hundreds more)


Engineering & Machinist

“Mechanical Engineering for Beginners”

“Electrical Engineering”

“Suspension Bridges”

“Foot Powered Thresher”

“Hand Powered Winnower”

“Pulleys Belts Transmission System”

“Evaluating the Fuel Consumption of Improved Cookstoves”

“Wheelbarrow Diagrams”

“Manual of Engineering Drawing”

“Tropical Engineering”

(plus dozens more)


Farm Animals

“Beginnings in Animal Husbandry”

“Small Scale Dairy Farming”

“Raising Chickens and Ducks”

“Raising Rabbits for Meat”

“Harnessing and Hitching Donkeys, Horses, and Mules for Work”

“Animal Power Milling”

“Physiology of Farm Animals”

“Breeding Farm Animals”

“Rural Veterinary Secrets for Farm Animals”

“Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions”

(plus hundreds more)


Firearms & Weapons

“Weapons Handling Procedures”

“Shooting Straight: 20 Years of Marksmanship Research”

“Breech Loading Fire Arms”

“Treatise on Gun Powder”

“Smokeless Powder and Gun Construction”

“Primary Sniper Weapons of the World”

“Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons”

“Guide to Concealable Weapons”

“Firearms Weapons & Survival Tactics”

“AK-47 Operators Manual”

(plus dozens more)


First Aid

"War Medicine"

"Physchological First Aid in Disasters"

"First Aid for Soldiers"


"Poisonous Snakebite Treatment"

"Foreign Body Airway Obstruction"

"Senior First Aid"

"First Aid and Management of Minor Injuries"

"Mary Francis First Aid Book"

"Applying the Chitosan Bandage"

(plus more)


First Days

“The SHTF and You Didn't Prepare: Here's What to Do”

“Volcano Eruption”

"Tsunami Warning"

"Dirty Bomb"

“Nuclear Attack What To Do”

“Mad Rush Supplies Shopping List”

“Emergency Response Action Steps”

“Helping Children Cope with Disaster”

“Helping Pets”

“Survival Evasion Resistance Escape Handbook”

(plus dozens more)


Fish & Marine Zoology

“Fish Ponds and Fish Farming”

"Aquaponics 101”

"When The SHTF Try To Get These Fish And A Large Tarp”

“Indian Fish Trap”

“Tilapia Farming”

“Prawn Farming in the US”

“Marine Toxins”


“Shellfish Harvesting"

“Handmade Fishing Nets”

(plus dozens more)



“Food and Water in an Emergency”

“Home and Farm Food Preservation”

“Cooking on an Open Fire”

“Root Cellar Basics”

“Raw Milk Q&A”

“Survival: 7 Major Mistakes in Food Storage”

“Solar Cooking”

“Fuel Saving Cookstoves”

“Wheat and Flour Mill Handbook”

“Creamery Butter Making”

(plus hundreds more)


Geography & Geology

“US Army Course Geology”

"Countries of the Americas"

“Mineral Processing”

“Geographic Intelligence”

“Geologic Analysis”

“Small Scale Mining”

“Specific Heats of Minerals”

“Earthly Minerals and Mining”

“Mining Practices”

“Industrial Progress Gold Mining in the US”

(plus dozens more)





“Field Hygiene”

“A Community Guide to Environmental Health”

“Foot Marches”

“Emotional Health After Disaster”

“Disabled Village Children”

“International Outbreak and Travel”

“Persistent Travelers Diarrhea”

“The Miracle Known as Baking Soda”

(plus hundreds more)


Heating & Cooling

“Masonry Cooking-Heating Stove”

“Alternative Refrigeration System”

“A House-Heating Solar Greenhouse”

“Heat Your Household from the Outside”

“Low Cost Solar Water Heaters”

“Thermodynamics and Human Comfort in Hot Climates”

“Radiant Floor Heating”

“The Complete Book of Heating with Wood”

“Cooling by Ventilation”

“Evaporative Coolers”

(plus dozens more)


Hunting & Trapping

"Basic Hunting Techniques"

“Life in the Backwoods Guide to Hunting and Trapping”

“Trapper's Guide”

“Shotgun, Sports Rifle, Hunting Dogs, etc.”

“Hunting with the Bow and Arrow”

“Wild Life in Far West: Mountain Man”

“American Game Birds”

“Training the Hunting Dog”

“Big Game in American West”

“Rat Traps are Kick Butt”

“Garden Hunting In Your Survival Garden”

(plus dozens more)



"Village Handpump Technology"

"Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump"

"Treadle Pump"

"Solar Photovoltaic Waterpumping"

"Pump Chain or Rope"

"Calculate Flow From Height and Pipe Size"

"Fluid Power"

"Hand and Power Pumps, Wells, Cisterns"

"Simple Tin Pump"

"Human and Animal Water Lifters"

(plus dozens more)


Irrigation & Sewage

“Old Time Spring House”

“Gully Control and Reclamation”

“Spurs and Dykes”

“Agro-Hydrology Handbook”

“Micro Irrigation”

"Water Sewerage Systems"

“Practical Irrigation”

“Irrigation Reference Manual”

“Open Channel Design”

“Earthen Canal Design”

(plus dozens more)


Land Transportation

"Convoy Leader Training Handbook"

"Bicycle Resource Guide"

"5-Ton Truck Cold Weather"

"The Handcart Handbook"

"Low Cost Transportation for Rural Areas"

"Bicycle Trailor Manual"

"Improving Paths"

"Donkey Cart Frame and Axle"

“Railway Operating Handbook”

"Low Cost Vehicles"

(plus hundreds more)



“Personnel Accountability in Conjunction with Natural Disasters or National Emergencies”

“Combat Leader's Guide”

“Effective Speaking”

“Leadership Principles Course”

“Leadership and Influence”

“How to Conduct Military Training”

“Army Leadership”

“Decisive Force”

“Working Effectively Overseas”

“Leadership: Competent, Confident, Confident, and Agile”

(plus dozens more)



“Aesop's Fables”

“Don Quixote”

“The Brothers Karamazov”

“War and Peace”

“A Tale of Two Cities”

“Moby Dick”

“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

“Robinson Crusoe”

“Poems by Emerson”

“American Fairy Tales”

(plus dozens more)



“Basic Material Manufacture”

“Simple Methods of Candle Manufacture”

“How to Make Tools”

“Charcoal Production”

“Card Loom Weaving”

“Cotton Spinning and weaving”

“Manufacture Gun Flints”

“Design and Manufacture of Animal Drawn Carts”

“Small Scale Manufacture of Footwear”

“Glass Manufacture”

(plus dozens more)



“Topographic Maps and Sketch Mapping”

"How To Read Topo Maps"

"US and Canada Physical Regions"

“Preparation of Risk Maps”

“USA Roads and Trails”

“World Map Large"

“Latitude and Longitude from Topo Maps"

“Determining Requirements for Maps”

“Coordinate Scale & Protractor”

"Topographic Map Symbols"

(plus more)



“Where There is No Doctor”

"A Barefoot Doctor's Manual"

“Antibiotics Q&A”

“A-Z List Parasites”

“Emergency Wound Care”

“Insulin Storage in Emergency”

“NATO Emergency War Surgery”

“CDC Pink Book”

“The Cottage Physician”

“Marine Corps Wilderness Medicine Course”

(plus hundreds more)


Metal Shop & Wood Shop

“Beginners Workshop”

“Metalworking Handbook”

“Oil Drum Forges”

“Welding Craft Practices”

“Measuring Instruments”

“Milling Grooves”

“Homestead Workshop”

“Amateurs Workshop”

“How to Work Sheet Metal”

“Gear Wheels and Gear Cutting”

(plus hundreds more)


Metallurgy & Smithing

“Goldsmith's Handbook”

“Silversmith's Handbook”

“Blacksmith's Guide”

“Small Scale Gold Mining”

“Blacksmith's Bellows”


“Build a Homestead Forge”

“Iron Smelting”

“Watchmaker, Jeweler, Gold, and Silversmith”

“Textbook of ore and Stone Mining”

(plus dozens more)


Military Advanced Weapons

"Principles of Artillery Weapons"

"Field Artillery Acquisition System"

"TOW Weapon System"

"Bradley Gunnery"

"Russian Ballistic Rockets & Missiles"

"Field Artillery Combat Service Support"

"Field Artillery Fire Planning for Offensive and Defensive Ops"

(plus more)


Military Operations

"Civil Disturbance Operations"

"Command Posts"

"Theatre of Operations"

"Combat Logistics Supply and Support"

"Prepare Procedures for Contingency Operations"

"Training for Full Spectrum Operations"

"Working Effectively Overseas"

"Munitions Distribution in the Theater of Ops"

"Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare"

"Environmental Considerations in Military Ops"

(plus dozens more)


Military Other

"How To Conduct Training Exercises"

"Marine Rifle Squad"

"NATO Handbook"

"Subsistence Management"

"Inspecting Salvage Material"

"Storage in a Theatre of Operations"

"Command Policy"

"Physical Dimension"

"Overview of Training Management"

"Electronic Warfare"

(plus dozens more)



“Beekeeping Guide”

“Safety Precautions with Work in Tanks, Silos, etc.”

“Correct Working Positions”

“Chess Problems”

"Board Games"

“Snakes and Ladders”


"Tree Felling Safety"

"Soviet Civil Defense Research Report"

(plus more)


Natural Disasters & Emergencies

“Establishing Needs After a Disaster”

“Disaster Survival Guide for Smart People”

“Disaster Mitigation”

“Management of Nutritional Emergencies in Large Populations”

“Types of Volcano Hazards”

“Medical Supply Management after Natural Disasters”

“Community Planning and Recovery”

“Thunderstorm Safety”

“Volcano Eruption – After”

“Wildfire Smoke”

(plus dozens more)


Navigation & Mobility

"Using Lensatic Compass"

"How To Avoid Getting Lost"

"Navigating Through Celestia"

“Land Travel and Sea Faring”

“Maps and Navigation Methods”

“Army Infantry School Mountaineering Techniques”

“Navy Nautical Skills Course – Quartermaster”

“Trail Craft”

“US Army Night Movement”

"River Crossing"

(plus dozens more)


Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Survival

“Bio and Chemical Agent Attack”

“Nuclear Winter Human Survival”

“Fallout Shelters”

“FEMA Nuclear Survival”

“How to Make Emergency Gas Masks”

“Personal Cleaning and Disposal of Contamination”


“Protecting Buildings from Airborne Attacks”

“Dirty Bomb Basics”

“Fallout and the Winds”

(plus hundreds more)



“American Plumbing”

“Basic Wastewater Characteristics”

“Pipe Fitting and Sewerage”

“Primer Municipal Wastewater Systems”

“Septic System and Emergency”

Wastewater Systems Emergency Guidance”

“Gravity Sewers and Appurtenances”

“Principles of Pumping”

“Grouting Technology”

“Sanitary and Industrial Wastewater Collection”

“Repair Valve, Fixture Control Devices”

(plus more)


Pregnancy & Infants

"A Book For Midwives"

“Preparing for Pregnancy”

“During Pregnancy”

“Obstetrics and Newborn Care I”

“Obstetric and Newborn Care II”

“Prevent Birth Defects”

“Preventing Infections in Pregnancy”

“Breastfeeding FAQs”

"Infant Feeding Emergencies"

“Food Preparation for Infants”

(plus more)



“Are You Ready?”

“Choosing A Bugout Location”

“Emergency Prep Plans”

“Community Preparedness”

“Disaster for Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors”

“Family Emergency Plan”

“Food Preparation”

“Pets and Livestock Preparedness”

“Safe Rooms”

“Buying a Bug Out Location”

(plus dozens more)



“Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Manual”

“Helpful Radio Communications for After the SHTF”

“Community Radio”

“High Frequency Share”

“Radio Electronics”

“Grass Roots Radio”

“Radio Wave Propagation, Antennas”

“Radio Direction Finding”

“Tactical Single Channel Radio Techniques”

“Radio Operators Handbook”

(plus dozens more)


Reconnaissance & Intelligence

"US Army Camouflage"

"Think Like a Sniper Behind Enemy Lines After Society Collapses"

"Intelligence and Reconnaissance"

"Tactics, Techniques, Procedures for Reconnaisance Surveillance Intelligence"

“Interrogation Operations”

“Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield”

“Counter Intelligence”

“Geographic Intelligence”

“Reconnaissance Reports Guide”

“Imagery Intelligence”

(plus dozens more)



“Biology Sourcebook”

“Physics Sourcebook”

“Chemicals from Biological Resources”

“The Formula Manual”

“Material Science”

“Wood Chemistry”

“Elements of Electrical Physics Statics”

“Citizen Scientist”

“Handbook of Forensic Science”

“An Introduction to Hazardous Materials”

(plus more)



“Handbook for Building Homes of Earth”

“Biomass Roofing”

“Build an Earth Sheltered Log Cabin”

“Seven Survival Shelters That Could Save Your Life”

“Shelter in Place”

“Types of Shelters”

“Plan Your Energy Independent Home Before You Begin Construction”

“Civil Defense Shelter Policy and Post-Attack Recovery”

“Home Fallout Shelter Concrete Block Shelter Basement Location Plan”

“Pit Houses are Suitable for After the SHTF”

(plus dozens more)


Sighting & Night Vision

“Value of a Spotting Scope After the SHTF”

“Operations Manual: night Vision Sight Set Infrared”

“Light, Aiming, Infrared Technical Manual”

“Infrared Viewer Technical Manual”

“Monocular Night Vision Device”

“Night Vision Sight, Individual Served Weapon”

“Night Vision Goggles Operator's Manual”

“Driver's Night Vision”

“Advanced Spotter's Field Guide”

“Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System”

(plus more)


Sniper Training


“Army Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment”

“Marine Corps Sniping”

“Primary Sniper Weapons of the World”

"M-107 Sniper Rifle Manual"

"M21 Sniper Weapon System"

“Sniper Weapon Fire Control Error Budget Analysis”

(plus more)


Society & Politics

“Forming Alliances After the Collapse of Society (SHTF and WROL)”

“What To Do When You See People in a Collapsed Society While in Survival Mode”

“Development of a State & Local Continuity of Government Capability”

“Disaster Conflicts”

“Election Organization”

“Fraud Proof Voting”

“Local Self-Reliance”

“People Centered Reconstruction”

“Public Gathering”

“Electoral Management Board Operational Procedures”

(plus more)


Special Forces Operations

“Long range Surveillance Unit Operations”

“Vietnam Special Issue: Mines & Boobytraps”

“Small Unit Night Fighter Manual”

“Counterintelligence Liaison Activities”

“Counterguerrilla Operations”

“Desert Operations”

“Mountain Operations”

“Jungle Operations”

“Scouting and Patrolling”

“Peace Operations”

(plus dozens more)


Survival Skills

“US Army Survival Manual”

“The Survival Bible”

“At Home in the Wilderness”

“How Do You Live Without Electricity”

“Individual Operations & Survival in Cold Weather”

“Bushcraft: Canadian Survival Scout Manual”

“Vietnam: Survival, Evasion, and Escape”

“11 Steps to Survival”

“Water Survival Training”

“Knowing Survival Fire Craft Can Save Your Life”

(plus dozens more)



“Blending New and Traditional Technologies”

“Village Technology Handbook”

“100 Inovations for Development”

“Tech for Developing Countries”

“Solar Drying”

“Appropriate Technology Generation in Farming”

“Introduction to Computers”

“Solar Cells, Inverters, and Your Personal Computer”

“Biodiesel Production Technology”

“Aerial Ropeway”

(plus dozens more)


Textiles & Materials


“Basic Sewing Machine Repair”


“The Art of Tanning Leather”

“Leather, Hides, Skin, Tanning Material”

“The Clayworker's Handbook”

“Soaps and Candles”

“Bees Wax”

“Recycling Rubber”

“Small Scale Weaving”

(plus dozens more)


The Arts

“Complete Works of Shakespeare”


“Singing and Dancing”

"Piano and Guitar"

"Realistic Drawing"

"Community Street Drama"

"Three Modules on Clear Writing Style"

"Drum Magoring Lessons"

“Applied Harmony”

"Musical Terms"

(plus more)



“Tool Making”

“Recycling Use and Repair of Tools”

“Sharpening Small Tools”


“Tools and How to Use Them”

“Wood Harvesting Hand Tools”

“Mining Tools”

“Water and Sanitation Tools”

“Rural Toolkit”

“Multipurpose Oxdrawn Tool”

“Forestry Tools and Safety Procedures”

(plus dozens more)


Urban Operations

“Urban Warfare”

“Checking Household Utilities and Major Systems”

“US Army Training: Urban Operations”

“Military Operations Urbanized Terrain”

“Training for Military Ops on Urban Terrain”

“Marine Corps Operations on Urbanized Terrain”

“Dept. of Defense Joint Urban Operations”

“Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain”

“Human Dimension”

“Physical Dimension”

(plus more)


Vehicles & Mechanic

“Automotive Operation and Maintenance”

“Auto Mechanic Diagrams”

“Biogas Engines”

“Reusing Waste Engine Oil”

“Small Gas Engines”

“Design and Manufacture of Low Cost Motorized Vehicles”

“Metal Auto Body Repair”

“Principles of Internal Combustion Engine”

“Drive Lines, Axles, Suspension”

“Vehicle Brake System”

(plus dozens more)


Vietnam War Manuals

"Civil Disturbances and Disasters"

"Transportation of the Sick & Wounded"

"Training Guide for Commanders of Small Units"

"Civil Affairs Operation"

"Scout Dog Training & Employment"

"The Chaplain"

"Operations Against Irregular Forces"

"Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols"

"Battle Group Landing Team Amphibious"

"Isolating the Guerrilla"

(plus dozens more)



“Assessing Access to Water”

“Water Storage and Treatment”

“Survival Water Purification”

“Emergency Disinfection of Water”

“Run Off Rainwater Harvesting”

“Seawater Desalination”

“Backcountry Water Treatment”

“Disinfect Bored or Dug Wells”

“Safe Water System Handbook”

“Wells: Hand Dug”

(plus hundreds more)


Water Transportation & Naval

“Navy Master at Arms Course”

"India Plywood Boats"

"Flettner Rotor Sail Boat Finland"

“Preventative Watercraft Maintenance”

“Wood Protection”

“Corrosion Control”

“Military Diving”

“Ship to Shore Movement”

“Seabee Combat Handbook”

“Wooden Ship Building”

(plus more)


Weather & Elements

“Extreme Heat”

“Problems with Heat and Cold”

“Protecting Your Property from Wind"

“Meteorology Training Course”

“Weather Operations”

“Winter Storms Fact Sheet”

“National Weather Radio Brochure”

“Heat Wave”

“Landslides and Mud Flows”

“Precipitation, Coagulation, Flocculation”

(plus more)


Western Civilization

“The Iliad”


“The History by Herodotus”

“Complete Works of Josephus”

“Confessions of St. Augustine”

“Magna Carta”

“Paradise Lost”

“The Wealth of Nations”

“Constitution of the United States”

“Democracy in America”

(plus dozens more)


Wildlife & Environment

“Animal Associated Hazards”

“Protection Against, Mosquitoes, Ticks, etc”

“Poisonous Snakebite Treatment”


“Common Mammals by Park”

“Common Reptiles by Park”

“Mosquitoes & West Nile/Viral Encephalitis”

"Nuisance Wildlife Control Guidebook"

“Wild Turkey”

“Wild Pig”

(plus dozens more)


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